Starting Southbound, Again!

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On Tuesday August 19, 2014, I left San Diego, CA and started my southerly migration for the third time.  South of Cortez Island, I landed these two beauties.  The Bonita was about 12# and the yellow tail was about 10#.  Needless to say the fishing is already better on this trip southward.  Thank you El Niño!  I pulled into Ensenada, Mexico for check in and establishing a holding pattern until late October or early November to cintune the southern migration.  The time will not go to waste as I have many projects to keep me occupied.  Including but not limited to, varnishing, sewing, general maintenance and copious amounts of Mexican food sampling along with beer, wine and margarita consumption.  Viva Mexico, Cabrónes!

Captain Dan

Getting ready in San Diego for another journey south

I’ve been moored in Sun Harbor Marina, San Diego, CA for about a week now. As it turns out, It seems my time is being spent assisting my friends with their projects more than my own. Currently, I am re-insulating a refrigerator box on Chilli Pepper and next week I will be re-stitching the aft deck awning on Bow Time. To help friends with their projects is empowering and gives me a great feeling inside.

Hopefully, I’ll be putting out for Ensenada, Mexico someday. Perhaps on or about the 18th of the month (2014).

Until then….may your daily life be filled with fair winds and following seas.


May 2014

Well, here I sit in San Diego working on several projects before heading out again.  I bashed back to Ensenada, Mexico in March of 2014.  After arriving there with a broken stay sail chain plate, and autopilot computer, I started to get things taken care of.  I had the boat bottom painted and an insurance survey while in Ensenada before heading back to San Diego.  I arrived in San Diego on April fools Day 2014.  I spent most of the first month or so helping my friend, Dan Berkey locate a cruising sailboat for him and his wife Nancy.  I had heard that you will usually find your next boat in your own back yard.  He located a beautiful 42′ Island Packet right here in San Diego.  Although They have been sailing for many years he used my cruising expertise to assist him with survey, sea trial and outfitting the boat.  He was well on his way doing the outfitting through his wife’s outstanding connection with West Marine here in San Diego, CA.

They took an off shore delivery and I assisted them in moving the boat to Ensenada, Mexico where I will join them in July 2014.

I will be heading to Catalina Island for the month of June and the first week or two of July 2014.  I hope to meet many of my cruising friends from the Los Angeles Area while at the Island.  The pinnacle will be the craziness of Fourth of July.  Hot Dogs, Buffalo milks and fireworks…..It does get better, but only in Mexico where you get to pick out your own fireworks and set them off yourself on a remote beach with your generator for the blender, tequila, ice, triple sec limes and a sprinkle of sea salt on the rim!    Pictures to follow next time.

Sunrise from Santa Rosalia

Living the Dream, One Day at a Time!

Living the Dream, One Day at a Time!

While in Mexico, I have volunteered to be a Radio net controller for the Sonrisa Net.  It is a HAM radio net that meets on a high frequency radio  channel of 3968 LSB every morning at 1429 hours Zulu time (or UTC, Universal Time Coordinated).

Several other cruising HAMsters volunteer as net controllers during their time in Mexico.  It is sort of giving back to the radio and cruiser communities.  It is also a great way to get better acquainted with all of the other great cruising folks.  Additionally, it is a tool that brings the cruising community closer together.


This morning as I left the harbor of Santa Rosalia to conduct the morning Sonrisa Net, I was graced with this wonderful sight of the sun coming up.  I get to see so many beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  They still give me goose bumps.  Life is Good!

Santa Roaslia

Working on the Boat in La Paz

Stainless Clean 1

Polished Stainless

While waiting for Kimberly’s dental rebuild to be completed here in La Paz, we started doing a deep clean on the stainless steel.  Cleaned all of the little rust spots in the nook and crannies, laid down a coat of BriteBoy and then put on a coat of Collinite’s metal wax to give it some protection.  A lot of attention to detail type of work.  The end result was some very shiny stainless and some looks from the mad neighbors now thinking they should clean their stainless.  That’s Dazzler….making friends along the way.

Kickin' Back

Finished giving Dazzler a bath today and decided to treat myself to a stogie and a few cans of the golden frothy liquid from the Pacifico beer gods….SWEET!!!!!  Yes it is a Cuban.  Smooth as a prom queens thighs!  Oh yea!

A little tase of the USA in La Paz, Mexico

Drunk Service NightJust one of the local Americanized Bar/Restaurants in La Paz, Mexico. I think drunk service night is every evening they are open. Good Burgers, Beer Can Chicken and BBQ Brisket. Tonight we have a date with the grille for some BBQ Brisket. Nice!
If you look closely you can see all of the naked Barbie dolls hanging next to the sign that lost their virginity at this place. Now they are reduced to being bar flies just hanging around looking for some stray Ken to wander in…..I know what your thinking…Barbie..that bitch has everything…

Oil in La Paz, Mexico

Oil in La Paz, MexicoHey this is for my male friends back home….I was just walking along minding my own business getting some supplies…I swear that’s the way the story starts…When out of no where, popped out these two Quaker State lube gals…I thought to myself, what are these two Quaker State lube gals doing on the Abasolo on the sidewalk directly in front of me?…My girlfriend wasn’t around so I got a picture to verify that I wasn’t dreaming….No doubt, Sex sells lube/oil in Mexico to a targeted audience!

Northbound from La Cruz, Mexico

Long may she wave from the stern of Dazzler

Long may she wave from the stern of Dazzler

Currently in La Cruz, Mexico.  To all of my working friends and family, You may not fully understand how you have no time to update blogs, websites and other electronic do-dads when you are retired.  I guess I should maybe say that we are having too much fun.

We are planning to head out tomorrow on a short trip to Chacala, Mexico, about 35 miles away.  Weather permitting of course.  After several days there we will start our trip back across the lower part of the Sea of Cortez toward La Paz.  I hope the fishing is better near Baja, because it sucks along the mainland.  I’ll see if I can throw up some more photos of some of the p[laces we’ve been in the next several days based on internet availability.

Be sure to check out Kimberly’s Corner as she has posted many more updates than I have.  Hasta La Vista!